About Me

Character Rigging / Scripting
Niels Kleinheinz, VES

Hi, my name is Niels Kleinheinz (birth name Niels Roscher) and I am a senior character technical director (TD) / character rigger. I create character and prop rigs for animated feature films, live-action movies and commercials in Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max. Apart from that I also develop tools for the rigging pipeline in Python, MEL and MaxScript.

Many feature film productions include multiple locations which allowed me to supervise teams in Mumbai, India; Peking, China and Sophia, Romania.

Locations I have worked in include:
London, United Kindom
Mumbai, India
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Berlin, Germany
Munich, Germany


I will listen carefully and take note of all of your needs. I will put together rigs that are custom tailored to your production environment and specific requirements. I will use my experience and expertise to anticipate challenges and upcoming needs to give you the greatest possible flexibility.